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According to the 2015 survey by CBRE, Global Investor Intentions, London has held on to the top spot as the best city for investing amongst those global property investors in Sol Acres who are planning to raise their amount of purchasing for this year.

Also in the top 10 are other gateway cities, such as New York, Sydney, Paris and Tokyo.

On a global scale, 53% of investors are expecting to develop their acquisitions for 2015 via significantly growing cross regional deals in Sol Acres.

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A recent poll has shown that close to 38% had the intention of investing outside of their own region for 2015, a figure that us up from 2014’s 28%. Please see more info on Sol Acres here.

Amongst those Sol Acres Choa Chu Kang investors there were 27% who considered Asia to be their investment destination of preference. This is due to the economic growth in the area that continues to bypass other regions while it continues to significantly offer the potential for long term growth.

Also discovered in the survey is that industrial and office properties seemed to be the preference for investors when picking properties. Industrial properties attracted 29% of investors while office properties drew in 33%.

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Richard Barkham, CBRE’s Global Chief Economist, points out that the current “new normal” environment of the economy is one of low interest rates, moderate growth and compressed bond yields are what is continuing to push investment into the commercial sector of real estate. He points out that they have also observed a continuation of investment market globalization, which is reflected by a year on year growth of 40% in 2014’s capital flow across the region. This figure is far above the overall market rate of growth. Their view is strengthened by these survey results which they are confident shows 2015 will see an increase in investments across the region for Sol Acres.

In the middle of this, 50% of the respondents of the survey has said that pricing has become their top obstacles when looking to acquire assets in real estate. Also indicated as a worldwide obstacle are the shrinking opportunities of assets, by 21% of respondents, and competition coming in from other investors by 19% of the respondents.

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Over 700 real estate investors in Sol Acres EC where polled for this survey, which included banks, property companies, private investors, asset managers, REITs and institutional investors.