Bellewaters EC – Anchorvale Crescent EC by Qingjian

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Shunfu Ville | Bellewaters EC

This large condominium redevelopment project, in a first rate suburban area could be on the market soon with all the units available for sale at once. Authoritative words in the industry indicates that the present owners of Shunfu Ville, Marymount Road, an ex HUDC estate, have obtained consents to the necessary level required for launching the Bellewaters EC.

Bellewaters EC in Sengkang

The development has a seventy year lease. It is situated on an approximate 409,000 square foot site, very near the Marymount MRT Circle Line station.

The site’s owners are expected to get over $700 million Singapore, meaning a unit Bellewaters EC price just more than S$800 per square foot ppr. This figure is inclusive of two payments which the buyer must make to the government, one premium allowing them to build a larger project on the plot and one to increase the site’s lease to ninety nine years. Please see the newest location of Canninghill Square payment schedule.

Bellewaters Anchorvale Crescent

The Urban Redevelopment Authority Master Plan of 2014 categorizes the Shunfu Ville site in the residential use 2.8 plot ratio and thus the project will have around 1,280 residential units if the unit are an average 850 square foot.

This project can be up to 36 storeys high, which will mean that those Bellewaters EC condominiums on the upper floors will have pleasant views of MacRitchie reservoir in its verdant environment. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the development being but a short drive from the Singapore Country club, and that its Sime Course will become open to the general public in 2021.

Bellewaters Anchorvale Crescent

The site is well-connected being one stop from Bishan Station and the attractions afforded by the Junction 8 shopping centre. The Shunfu Ville site has three 16 storey tower blocks and three low rise blocks, with 358 units ranging in size from 1,668 square foot to the largest units at 1,776 square foot. The owners, basing the figure on the reported reserve price for Bellewaters EC Sengkang, will receive just over 50% more by selling en-bloc than they would have otherwise, were they to sell their units one by one.