Bellewaters EC – Anchorvale Crescent EC by Qingjian

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Punggol and Sengkang

The government cooling measures such as the total debt to service ratio has lessen the ability for young couples that are setting up their first homes to loan the total amount meant for their residential loans. A few of these potential buyers are thinking about private properties but TDSR restrictions has successfully shut them out from purchasing private properties and lowering their options to HDB. In particular, there are many genuine buyers for Bellewaters EC Sengkang currently but their loans amounts which they have gotten from different banks do not allow them to get the full 80-20 loan needed for their property purchase.

Many buyers looking at Bellewaters

Despite the loan issues, several analysts feel that the purchase prices for Bellewaters EC Sengkang will increase because desire among purchasers continues to be upbeat. It is noted that property price levels drop could possibly be the lack of interest . Despite slow growth inside the Singapore house market, consultants view that there is still properties in Singapore that is still worth taking a look such as Bellewaters EC Sengkang as the economy is still very robust in the city state and hence many buyers are looking around for their choice investment homes. This is especially true for 1st time buyers who are looking out for their choice homes.

Bellewaters EC Punggol

Punggol and Sengkang remain as Choice Investment Homes

Particularly, many of these buyers are looking at the Punggol and Sengkang area as home owners in the North-East part of Singapore currently enjoy a wide variety of property selections, as well as establishments close to homes. Brand new public and private real estate will likely be introduced to deliver significantly greater options for residents in Punggol and Sengkang, as new conveniences and neighbourhood amenities will probably be developed within the next few years to further improve the quality of life. Also, the Seletar Mall near to Bellewaters EC Sengkang is set to open in Nov 28 and this will bring a new lease of life in the area.

Bellewaters EC Sengkang

Bellewaters EC Sengkang

Bellewaters EC Anchorvale will certainly open up as a choice investment homes for young couples due to the locality as well as the affordability of the development. It will launch in 07 Nov.