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Habitat for Humanity has created a new Australian satire site in the hopes that it will lighten the mood of many disheartened property searches in Bellewaters. One article on their sites offers property buyers who love the water a perfect lakeside property investment up for grabs. Sounds great, until you read the next line, which tells you that you can wake up to a bracing breeze from the sea and your very own stagnant water source.

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Of course this is meant in jest and wouldn’t be an attractive investment proposition for any serious buyer. However, it does reflect the reality of day to day life for many Asians and shines a light on a different kind of housing crisis.
In Sydney, the average price for a home has reached a record high of AUD$811,837. This figure could build 200 homes in Cambodia or 400 in Nepal. However, there is a growing number of people who are living in substandard conditions in the millions.

Bellewaters Searches in Anchorvale Crescent

The aforementioned offer of waterfront and alfresco living at the mere price of a few thousand dollars can be found on “The Real Value of Housing”, a fake real estate site. The reality here is that these “homes” are a representation of the substandard housing conditions millions of Asian Pacific families are forced to live in Bellewaters. Families are living in squalor, poverty, disease and little access to safe water and sanitation. Many don’t even have the security of a locking door, explains Martin Thomas, Chief Executive Officer for Habitat for Humanity in Australia.
He further says that they are not trying to dismiss Australia’s real housing problems or make anyone feel guilty. However, it can be refreshing to really look around at the challenges that many others are facing across the globe.
Thomas adds that, around 500 million people in Asia are forced to live in slums today. A shelter crisis has been created due to the growth of their largest cities that is alike to a slow motion humanitarian crisis.

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With support by DFAT, or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Real Value of Housing has been raising awareness of the need for housing that is adequate and the growing rate of slums such as Bellewaters EC in Anchorvale Crescent.
Being the world’s biggest non-profit housing provider, Habitat for Humanity’s aim is to provide 15 million people with affordable and safe housing in Asia Pacific by 2020. It also has a goal of engaging 10 million supporters, volunteers and advocates.
In many parts of Asia it only costs S$3,000 to build a home for a poor family. Thousands volunteer across Southeast Asia every year to assist in the building of homes as a part of Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program.