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Property Market

Sengkang and Anchorvale Crescent Property Market slows

The challenging property market means that sellers have become willing to negotiate and this is more significant in the luxury market as it is worst hit by the government’s numerous property cooling measures, along with purchase prices dropping for six consecutive quarters. The quarter also saw many developers reducing their prices to find buyers in the property market.

Bellewaters EC Anchorvale Crescent Property Market

Despite the less than ideal performance in the property market, many buyers of Bellewaters EC who are quite rich are actually looking all around for top of the range properties currently under distress or are actually selling with volume discount rates via the developers. Real estate developers today are more prepared to take discounts because they currently have to pay for the development expenses should units remain unsold after TOP. This means that developers of Bellewaters EC are taking on more risk and are now willing to pay more for property agents in an effort to sell the units.

Bellewaters EC Property Market

Property market slows for many areas

There are many different types of properties which buyers are looking at. Due to their tenure of land, freehold homes are often more pleasing to purchasers within the open resale market as in comparison to lease hold houses. On the other hand, the remarkably high asking purchase prices of these freehold properties could certainly have led to a growth in the quantity being upload for auction. However, there exist some developers who are not willing to cut prices as the amount of sales and profits earned within the growth times, most developers possess the financial capacity to conserve present-day selling prices.

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Anchorvale Bellewaters EC

To sum up, general lagging and weaker views on the property outlook in Bellewaters EC as well as the probabilities of even more price drops will hinder sales amounts inside the private housing market, especially of resale homes for Bellewaters EC. The report highlighted the authorities’ reluctance to unwind the property cooling measures especially the Total Debt to Service ratio (TDSR) at this stage, buyers have continued to choose a less active approach and cheaper properties elsewhere as many of the causes holding acquiring appeal down.