Bellewaters EC – Anchorvale Crescent EC by Qingjian

Bellewaters EC – Anchorvale Crescent EC by Qingjian. Register for Preview and Showflat Viewing Here

New Bellewaters EC Housing Makeover

The housing market is going to get a makeover and new and modern infrastructure is being planned to benefit the areas citizenry.

A food court has opened with 70 food stalls that can accommodate over 1000 customers. With which you can pay using your smartphone instead of cash or credit. Fans have been installed for the restaurant goer’s comfort and free Wi-Fi is there to attract the social media crowd to spend their time and money for Bellewaters.

Housing Makeover Bellewaters EC

This will be the third major project completed in or near the Towne Ctr. since late 2013.

I transport hub is now open that connects to the mall that has been open for over a year now as well as the MRT station which makes his entire area easily accessible to those who want to get out for the evening to enjoy a delicious meal near Bellewaters.

Some of the other changes the residences of Bedok will be witnessing are a combination Towne Plaza and heritage center that is to be completed in 2016 again there will be facilities were dining and food and beverage outlets will abound. They heritage corridor will highlight the rich heritage of the areas original settlers and the path taken to become a modern town.

Bellewaters EC Sengkang

For those who enjoy hiking a heritage Trail will be open to the public in the coming year that traverses Bedok and the East Coast Bellewaters.

2017 is a year that the integrated town hall complex that will house a community club Sports Center, clinic, the public library, and an eldercare center as well.

In 2015, work will continue on the so-called outdoor play cord or that Connects Towne Ctr., East Coast Park, and the Bedok reservoir. Here you will find cycling and walking paths when completed there will be a complete network connecting the entire area with all of the amenities already mentioned as well as schools and the MRT stations.

Bellewaters EC

For those interested in inquiring more about these projects or getting information on what’s already available. The public is directed to visit the ROH exhibition, which is open until the Sunday 18 January in front of block 209 New Upper Changi Road